how i ve been "ILUMINATED"

Born with many artist in my surrounding, i´ve been on the right way while visiting the highscool for Grafik and Design in 1982. My plan was an education as a cabinetmaker and afterwards to study furniture or produktdesign. In this time it was not "commend" for women to work in this job, so i decided to get into a normal job and beeing a so called „black sheep“ in my family. This decision made me stayed 25 years by unilever.

In this time i made many different jobs and i was allways creativ by device my own job so i have had many creative projects, like advertising or fotoshootings with the employees. Privat i followed more my real talents. Metal was always fazinating for me - cupper or overrated steel- more the „warm“coloured.

In the last years i realized many art projekts like oersize clocks or altar candle holder made of copper and brake disk...
My preference to use things from junkyards started 1987 fortuitous visiting a junkyard after my workday.
My pictures had always been more objects than paintings. I created my first tablelamp 18 years ago- interestingly it was made of also of cupper. Some things are staying some are moving-developing.
My passion for glas started 3 years ago – since than i m working and learning hard on this unbelieveable „bitchiness“(in german is goatiness in direct translation) and challenging material.
I´ve never believed, that i will took the courage to return totally to design and art.
Since 2 years, I´m on the „way“- I´m training the handworkship in seminar and by self doing.
To include also the planing side of light. i absolved sucessfully an education as a offizial lightplaner for lights and interior illuminating.
My profession signs the first sucess through satisfied clients.
The best compliment for me is, to be warmly recommanded.
You can see a few fotos from bespoke projects on my webside-
to see more don´t hesitate to ask me, i will send you more fotos in a webgalerie.